Next dark underground party - 14 May 2022

Well, how are you doing? We thought so. Whatever upsetting events will come to pass in May, we figured you all can use a bunker. We will fill it with life’s necessities: drinks, music, people you like and the inalienable right to be respected and left the hell alone by this world that is increasingly trying to be disliked.

Our resident dj’s are still alive. They still claim to bring you the newest and the best of forty years of Gothic, Elektro, Industrial, Wave and Neofolk. At least that hasn’t changed.

The party starts at 22h. It never ends before 5 o’clock. That is a guarantee. In spite of the name, the venue is not a café but a well-equipped club with a sound & light system worthy of your music.

Bunkerleute calls itself an underground party for a reason. First of all because of the music we play but secondly because of the unique atmosphere at our parties, centering on mutual respect, tolerance, personal space, judgement free etc. If at any time you feel this is not the case, come and talk to us. We are a welcoming party though, if you have any questions, just ask us. Please be kind to each other and to the staff. We do these parties since AD 2000, it's definitely not just a phase. Every cent we receive during parties will be invested in concerts. More on that subject in the future, if any.

>> Dark underground party
>> 14 May 2022 - 22h
>> musicafe, Muntstraat 5, Leuven, Belgium
>> sacrifice 3,5€ before 23h, 6€ between 23h and 2h and 3€ after 2h


Bunkerleute will respect all laws and regulations regarding plague prevention. As they change every three days, we will update this section when rules have a chance to apply to May 14th.